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New Year update (Patchlog from 12/17/22):


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1. Installed Christmas Juno. The standard New Year's event without Lollipops is included, to get a New Year's gift you need to decorate the fir tree with Christmas decorations.
2. Added a special Snow Mountain. Separate location. You can go to the location through the NPC Snow Queen. (located near the Dungeon Keeper) To enter, you need the Christmas Star item, one star opens access for one hour.
In total, the Snow Mountain has 3 rooms, each can accommodate no more than 20 people at a time. When monsters are killed, New Year's gifts appear from them, the chance of receiving rewards from them is 10%.
3. Event "Thieves of Christmas!". In the city of Juno there is a Christmas tree, every day at 22:00 the city is attacked by the Grinch, who goes to the city in order to kidnap this Christmas tree.
He is immune to control skills and receives reduced damage if he cannot carry the Christmas tree to himself and fly away with it - the entire server receives an event for increased faction points. (24 hours)
For every 10% of health lost, the Grinch will grant one of the players a Christmas Star. One player can receive one star per day.
For the first victory over the Grinch, your character will receive a Letter Envelope.
In case of defeating the Grinch, all participants receive the blessing of the Grinch (+20% additional damage in PVE for 3 hours.)
The Grinch attacks the city from one of the two gates of the city, moves towards the Christmas Tree, and if he kidnapped her, he runs to his portal near the Mill. Teleportation - 30 seconds.
4. New Year's Advent Calendar has been added, available from Snowstorm in Juno. Once a day, you can take a task from him, and after completing it, pick up one of the rewards of your choice.
Quests are as simple as possible, all quests require killing a small number of monsters in Juno.
5. Added New Year's tokens and roulette for them. And also as rewards you can get Spheres of transformation into winter monsters.
6. New Year costumes and weapon masks have been added to the in-game Shop.
7. A chain of New Year's quests has been added, but to access them, you need to close the quests before Theo is completed and level 55+.

Other changes:
1. When damaged by characters, HP and MP steals do not work when attacking monsters for 1 minute.
2. Character research: it is no longer visible what seal a character uses in equipment, an automatic update of all characteristics in the window has been added.
3. Voting: the reward is reduced by 2 times.
New Reward:
Day 1: 2 coins + 5% get x2 login reward.
Day 2: 3 coins + 10% chance to get x2 login reward.
Day 3: 5 coins + 15% chance to get x2 login reward.
Day 4: 6 coins + 20% chance to get x2 login reward.
Day 5: 8 coins + 25% chance to get x2 login reward.
Day 6: 9 coins + 30% chance to get x2 login reward.
Day 7: 10 coins + 35% chance to get x2 login reward.
Day 8: 10 coins + 40% chance to get x2 login reward.
Day 9: 10 coins + 45% chance to get x2 login reward.
Day 10: 10 coins + 50% chance to get x2 login reward.
4. Added a new game item: Premium Portal Update. (can be bought in the shop for 10 coins.)
5. Curse reduction feature has a maximum cap of 80%.
6. Kingdom of Hades:
Fixed a bug in the Kingdom of Hades with invulnerability on relog.
Added a new NPC Novice Trainer Hades. (You can get a blessing from him for 3 hours of safe farming, once a day.)
7. Healer: The ability to remove curses has been fixed.
8. Inventory: Added a special section of the bag for gems. (all gems will fit)
9. An event for additional faction points has been added, you can get it from the game event master.
10. Box of gems to choose from: Fluorite and Tourmaline are added to the assortment.
11. Merchant of Fortune: Added new item Equipment Chest Lv. 48
12. Monster Combo:
Minimum level 50.
Added additional protection to bypass the number of den attempts.
“Heart and Soul” direction changed to Mars/Venus Equipment.
In the “Book of Skills” direction, new blessings have been added from Mining Evani to monster drops.
13. The base damage and protection of the equipment of the Kingdom of Hades has been increased.
14. Update Rewards:
Lunar Statue - Rewards have only been updated to Medium, Large, Huge Moonstone.
Token - partially updated.
Activity - rewards updated + rewards for tasks.
15. Master of the Elements: Excellent Vitality skill has been fixed.
16. Sorcerer: now damage adds intellect.
17. Bot: all known bugs and shortcomings have been fixed.
18. Cube: registration is possible by guild advisors.
19. Factions: you can teleport to the leaders of the faction through the “Reputation” system.
20. Premium: You can teleport to boss monsters.
21. Shop:
Blessing of the Goddess - price reduced from 100 to 30 coins.
Scroll of Amulet - price reduced from 30 to 20.
Premium portal upgrade for 10 coins. (new item)
Activated promotion 1+1=3 for the following items:
Major Elixir of Experience x50
Pet food x5
Random pouch all levels.
Traditions of Hephaestus
Chaos stone
Perfection Stone
Double Reputation Talisman
22. Tournament: held if the minimum number of participants is 4.


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